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Zoo (Cassette)


Zoo is Cory Pavlinac. Seeking a raw and honest approach to recording Pavlinac bypassed modern production means and took to methods such as reel-to-reel and other simpler practices. Releasing Zoo on tape was fitting because of its embrace of home-recording styled creation. Tracks like ‘Ferris Wheel’ allude the drifty and hazy sound of old tape reels while ‘Kissy Face’ evokes the trebly sounds of yesteryear.

Limited Edition of 100.
Each tape includes 1/100 of the original cover art.

Product Details
Format: Audio Cassette + FREE Download
Length: 25:24

1. Locust Summer
2. Spinning Room
3. Ferris Wheel
4. I Wanna Die
5. Kissy Face
6. Book Burning
7. I Don’t Mind
8. The Boy With Pale Blue Eyes
9. Never See You Again

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