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Matthew Hoffman
July 29 – September 22, 2011

“The 10 works that comprise Hoffman’s exhibition are all editions (of five, 25, 50 or 100, variously), but nothing has been mechanically fabricated. While everything looks like sleek products and clever souvenirs, it’s all handmade by Hoffman. Starting with a play on words, the artist has created a blanket, a lamp, a set of clothes hangers and several other objects that visually embody their titles. “Hipstir” is a set of drink stirs cut from five fluorescent hues of acrylic. The punch line is that they are cutouts of a pelvis and femur. The exhibition lands at the jocular end of conceptual art. The one-liners from which each concept originates are weighted with strange importance when Hoffman cuts out 100 of the same object, investing enormous time into the intense, detail-oriented labor…”

-Matt Morris