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Facebook Event


A Workshop by YES at the Contemporary Arts Center. Participants had their photo taken in the ‘face-book set’, the image was immediately uploaded to a shared folder, the photo was then color corrected, re-sized, saved for web on another computer, and then uploaded to Facebook by the user. All completed within a 3 minute time period. The final outcome was an online ‘album’ of every one’s ‘Face Book Profile Picture’.

Click here to see the album.

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YES was approached to design a poster to be printed for OFFF Cincinnati at the Contemporary Arts Center. We printed the logo in a clear gloss medium onto stock which was then handed off to the attendee, flocked with neon flocking powder, and finally tapped off to reveal the festival’s logo. The Mr.Prints trailer was driven into the lobby with the bicycled powered ‘semi-truck’ and the printing was done in the rear printing station. The prints provided attendants with a tactile take-away they were able to create them selves is less than a minute.

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AIGA Workshop


YES was asked by AIGA to host a Valentine’s Day Party and Workshop. Tables were set up for making cards as well as a live printing session where participants were able to chose an image of their choice to be printed on shirts, bags, and coasters.

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Milk Money Vol. 8 Release


Release party for Milk Money Volume Eight: When Jeff Goldblum Speaks, We Listen. The magazine features a collection of experimental works of poetry and fiction.

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Small Press Fair


We were honored to have a table at the Contemporary Arts Center‘s Small Press Fair. We brought some of our favorites from the shop to share, and met some awesome people. Thanks to Aaron Walker for setting up the event.

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Grand Opening


We kicked off the Grand Opening with GameNight. People attending were able to play the enormous games. The idea was to have art that viewers could interact with on a different level than they might usually in a gallery setting.

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