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Night And Day


May 3 – July 20, 2012
New Work by: Mike Perry & Naomi Reis

Brooklyn-based artists Mike Perry & Naomi Reis have created an amazing environment both inside and outside YES. Packed full of new paintings, drawings, light boxes, mobiles, prints, books, zines, huge window drawings, and Mike’s new mural behind the building this exhibition explores almost every medium.  Perry’s bold hand-drawn lines float between layers of intense color and abstraction while Reis’ calculated and delicate marks grow into beautiful geodesic forms.

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February 24 – April 19, 2012

Group show featuring the work from over 20 international artists and designers. Primaries explores the interaction of color and form with the restricted palette of red, blue, and yellow. The minimal yet complex nature of the work recalls the Bauhaus movement while providing a modern take on Modernism.

Featuring: Will Bryant, Nicolas Burrows, Kevin Byrd, Jay Cover, Liam Devowski, William Edmonds, Matthew Feyld, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, Erin Jang, Tim Lahan, Andy J. Miller, Matt W. Moore, Andrew Neyer, Marcus Oakley, Rand Renfrow, Nathaniel Russell, Andy Smith, Olimpia Zagnoli.

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Facebook Event


A Workshop by YES at the Contemporary Arts Center. Participants had their photo taken in the ‘face-book set’, the image was immediately uploaded to a shared folder, the photo was then color corrected, re-sized, saved for web on another computer, and then uploaded to Facebook by the user. All completed within a 3 minute time period. The final outcome was an online ‘album’ of every one’s ‘Face Book Profile Picture’.

Click here to see the album.

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YES was approached to design a poster to be printed for OFFF Cincinnati at the Contemporary Arts Center. We printed the logo in a clear gloss medium onto stock which was then handed off to the attendee, flocked with neon flocking powder, and finally tapped off to reveal the festival’s logo. The Mr.Prints trailer was driven into the lobby with the bicycled powered ‘semi-truck’ and the printing was done in the rear printing station. The prints provided attendants with a tactile take-away they were able to create them selves is less than a minute.

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The Forest Floor


Elsa Lang
September 30 – November 18, 2011

Embroidered collection designed for ‘The Forest Floor: An Assortment of Stitched Specimens’ inspired by hikes in the pacific northwest and love of patterns.  The stitching include forest treasures: feathers, fungi and leaves.

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Matthew Hoffman
July 29 – September 22, 2011

“The 10 works that comprise Hoffman’s exhibition are all editions (of five, 25, 50 or 100, variously), but nothing has been mechanically fabricated. While everything looks like sleek products and clever souvenirs, it’s all handmade by Hoffman. Starting with a play on words, the artist has created a blanket, a lamp, a set of clothes hangers and several other objects that visually embody their titles. “Hipstir” is a set of drink stirs cut from five fluorescent hues of acrylic. The punch line is that they are cutouts of a pelvis and femur. The exhibition lands at the jocular end of conceptual art.

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XYZ Axis


Matt W. Moore
April 29 – May 25, 2011

An ambitious creative spirit, Matt W. Moore has traveled to Cincinnati for an April residency to prepare from scratch for his first Ohio Exhibition. He arrived with no art, no supplies, and no firm plan for this new series of canvas paintings. The paintings were created entirely with spray paint, one of Matt’s favorite mediums. The designs are very clean and appear almost digital in their precise details and craft.

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AIGA Workshop


YES was asked by AIGA to host a Valentine’s Day Party and Workshop. Tables were set up for making cards as well as a live printing session where participants were able to chose an image of their choice to be printed on shirts, bags, and coasters.

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Milk Money Vol. 8 Release


Release party for Milk Money Volume Eight: When Jeff Goldblum Speaks, We Listen. The magazine features a collection of experimental works of poetry and fiction.

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Color Me __________


Andy J Miller & Andrew Neyer
February 25 – March 18, 2011

An interactive exhibition featuring a 24ft and 5ft markers.  An incredible collaboration between Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer.  The difficulty of wielding the enormous markers created primal colored marks over top of the dense line work.  After hours of non stop coloring the mural was fully painted.

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